Ag: A Manifesto

Ag is a philosophy of technological development and how to best go about it. Ag provides thoughts, but little concrete activities or prescribed mechanisms to achieve the goals Ag touts (in fact, rigid prescriptions would go against one of Ag's tenets). Ag cannot be achieved through a chain of command hierarchy; nor can it be realized without the support of everyone following Ag thinking leadership.

There are four tenets of Ag, each stated as one thing amplifying another:

  1. People amplify Process
  2. Demonstrations amplify Specifications
  3. Collaboration amplifies Negotiation
  4. Iterations amplify Intentions

The word amplify has been specifically chosen. Without the latter things, the former things have nothing to work on, lending to an effervescence without forward progress. Without the former things, the latter are hollow; mere fractions of their potential value.

Both are needed for successful development. Prioritize the things to the left, but do not neglect the things to the right.

Follow this series to expand on each of these four tenets: