Hashnode + DEV

In the midst of taking a hiatus from writing, I've decided to level up my setup to post on a personal blog at my own domain (www.kallmanation.com). I wanted to accomplish a few things:

  1. Have control of where my content is published
  2. Have a backup of my articles
  3. Easily post to both my own domain and still to dev.to
  4. Keep up my Web Monetization that I had on DEV

I found that in Hashnode. Hashnode has settings to automatically backup every post I publish on their platform in my own github repo (giving me number 2 and a little 1); while also letting me host my blog on my own domain (number 1). And as a bonus, my posts will also come up in the main Hashnode feed. They even have out-of-the-box support for Web Monitization!

To cover the cross-posting, DEV (and the forem platform) is fantastic about this. Simply go to the extension settings and set the RSS feed to my Hashnode blog's RSS and check the Mark the RSS source as canonical URL by default option (this will give me the internet juice for any interaction on DEV, while making it nice to DEV users to simply read on their preferred platform).

Now that I've copied all my historical posts from DEV to Hashnode, I hope to blog a little more (maybe not every week though). This post serves as something of a test run of my cross-posting setup. Follow me on DEV or Hashnode and I'll see you around!