Let's Re-acronym KISS

Keep It Stupid Simple


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Keep It Simple, Stupid

Okay, no need to insult me. I get it! I'll keep my designs simple...

I'm not usually one to call things "problematic", but I do think the way we talk affects the way we think. There's no need to have a put down in one of our best pieces of advice. We're already struggling enough under our own imposter syndromes ๐Ÿ˜….

Keep It Stupid Simple

A simple transposition (stupidly simple even ๐Ÿ˜) changes our message from insulting to doubling down on itself.

Keep our designs simple (Don't confuse simple with easy. Not just simple: stupidly simple! So simple we can explain them to our non-tech friends and coworkers. Simple enough that our new hire can work on the system within the week (without breaking it on misunderstandings).

Let's re-acronym KISS from Keep It Simple, Stupid to Keep It Stupid Simple.

That's It

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