My Battle Station: Getting A New Chair

My Battle Station: Getting A New Chair

Today I got my new Secretlab TITAN in black SoftWeave fabric and put it together! It did take a few months as I purchased this chair from one of their "preorder" waves (actually from a recommendation here on DEV)

SecretLab TITAN chair in room corner

I'm moving from a refurbished Steelcase Leap chair that I've had for the past 8 years whose piston was broken (leaving me sitting at the lowest setting). Being able to actually adjust my chair is a huge step up in the comfort department. I'm also satisfied with how supportive and thick the padding is on this Titan.

The chair also reclines an unnerving degree (but was totally stable once I got over my fear and trusted it). Combined with the memory foam pillow sent with it, I believe I actually could take a nap in this chair. Unfortunately I can't really use that right now as my current working space doesn't have that much room (next thing to improve about my battle station I guess).

Professionally sitting in chairs has made me a little picky and I've had the chance to sit in a half-dozen or so models (unloading furniture at Steelcase was actually my first job before college). Most important to me is the number and range of adjustment options. No chair will be ergonomic for me unless it can be adjusted to my body. It does not matter how curvy or expensive they make it; unless it is molded to my body, it is not ergonomic.

In that department this chair does very well for the price range. Standard height adjustment, but also reclining angle, lumbar support force, rocking, armrest height, width, depth, and angle. The only things missing that might be found on different chairs are the rarer seat depth adjustment, lumbar position adjustment, and seat front angle adjustment (i.e. the seat front can bend down or up from the main seat height). The only chairs I've found those adjustments on are double the price (and less attractive in my opinion) or missing other important adjustments.

So, for day one I'm happy and would recommend a Secretlab chair for those that have been thinking about it. Ask me any questions you have if you're considering the chair, I'm happy to answer. I'll post again on the durability and longevity of the chair once I have experience with it.