TIL about the Dodecathorp

We all know and love the octothorp (#, aka number sign, aka hash, aka hashtag, aka pound, aka sharp, aka octothorpe with an e, aka ...).

But today, I wondered, are there other thorps? Searched it up and what do you know? There is! Meet the dodecathorp:

⩩ Dodecathorp ⩩

Next in line from the octothorp, #, it has three vertical and three horizontal lines: ⩩.

For the curious, the next three thorps in order would be hexadecathorp (a 4x4 with 16 points), icosithorp (a 5x5 with 20 points), and icositettarathorp (a 6x6 with 24 points). But I haven't been able to find any unicode characters for these thorps... And if you really need a big thorp, I would choose the massive 10 by 10 tessaracontathorp.

Title "Therapist: Tessaracontathorp isn't real, it can't hurt you; Tessaracontathorp:" l; Image showing ten vertical and ten horizontal black lines on a white background

And now I could not complete my train of thought without extending my thorps in the other direction... should the symbol with one vertical and one horizontal line (+) be called a tetrathorp? 🤔